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Purpose: The purpose of this web-site is to assist OB-GYN clinicians to quickly find reprints of articles that they have read for the ABOG annual board certification.

Suggested Reprint Storage: Use a cardboard letterbox to save articles from each year’s reading. Separate articles from each book (1,2,3) with colored paper. Number each reprint by subject (Gynecology, Obstetrics, Office Practice) and its order in the reading list, e.g. GY-1, GY-2, …, OB-1, OB-2, …, OF-1, OF-2, …

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Fine Points: Recall entire list of ABOG articles through 2001 with their abstracts by leaving all fields blank and clicking Search.
Recall all articles assigned in a particular year by entering that year only in the ABC Book field.
MeSH refers to Medical Subject Headings assigned to an article by the National Library of Medicine. To find articles on a particular subject, enter any subject on the top line at MeSH Database. It will output the associated MeSH. Transcribe one heading into the MeSH box above to find related ABOG articles.

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