Why Choose OWH?


Why Patients Choose Dr. Moruzzi


  • The # 1  Reason -  Referral from a friend or family member who had a positive experience here.

  • A single-physician practice -  Dr. Moruzzi is very familiar with patients' medical histories and current needs.

  • The doctor listens to his patients.  He uses that information to achieve more accurate diagnoses.

  • A friendly staff that gets to know you well.  They will convey any social issues or stressors that may affect your health to the doctor.

  • The doctor has supervised many normal pregnancies and natural deliveries.  He has also cared for more than a few complicated cases.

  • Many infertility patients continue on as obstetrical patients.  We regard all pregnancies as precious.

  • If your medical condition becomes complex, the doctor will help you research the condition.  If necessary, experts will be consulted, and transfer of care may occur.

  • Generous use of obstetrical ultrasound, including a DVD of the 20-week fetal anatomic survey.

  • VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) or repeat cesarean section, at the patient's preference.

  • Choice of hospitals -  You can birth at Capital Medical Center or St. Peter Hospital.

  • Coverage - When Dr. Moruzzi is out-of-town, or attending a birth at Capital Medical Center, the OB Hospitalists at St. Peter Hospital will care for his patients.

  • It is the little things - Everything you see at the office is intended for our patients comfort and care, including cloth gowns, warmed instruments, educational pamphlets and books, wet wipes and newborn diapers and a congratulatory birth-gift.

  • Dr. Moruzzi occasionally sings with his patients: